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Tomato BIO

It is very benefitial for our health, including the decrease on the risk of having a variety of different serious diseases such as heart problems or cancer. Great source of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and vitamin K.

  • Vine Tomato BIO
  • Cherry Tomato BIO
  • Cherry Plum Vine Tomato BIO
  • Cherry Plum Tomato BIO
  • Cherry Pear Tomato BIO
  • Mini Vine Tomato BIO
  • Cocktail Tomato BIO
  • Rebellion Tomato BIO
  • Plum Tomato BIO
  • Black Plum Tomato BIO

Cucumber BIO

As well as being water rich, letting us hydrate and be satiated with less, it also has high fiber levels, which favors our intestinal transit.

  • Dutch Cucumber BIO
  • French Cucumber BIO
  • Cucumber Mini BIO

Pepper BIO

Within the numerous benefits that pepper has, it is worth pointing out the high levels of vitamins and minerals that it has, these contribute to our body by strengthening our immune system, helping us lose weight, cleansing our system, improving digestion and having many other medicinal properties.

  • Ramiro BIO
  • Yellow Ramiro BIO
  • Red California BIO
  • Picante BIO
  • Sweet Bite BIO

Aubergine BIO

It is very tasty, healthy and favorable to your body and wellbeing. It favors the elimination of non-wanted substances from our organism, it helps controlling the blood pressure and it also favors digestive processes.

  • Aubergine BIO
  • Striped Aubergine BIO

Courgette BIO

Due to the fact of being a calorie free food, it is very beneficial to our organism. It protects de cardiovascular system and it possesses a great quantity of excellent vitamins which improve our health and skin.

  • Courgette BIO
  • Round Courgette BIO

Cabbage BIO

It has more vitamin C than other fruits such as the orange. It contains high levels of alpha-linoleic acid, known as omega-3, essential to the correct functioning of our brain, furthermore helping us have a proper mental health.

  • Picuda BIO
  • Chinese BIO
  • Cauliflower BIO
  • Khrolrabi BIO

Watermelon BIO

Besides being a fantastic diuretic, the watermelon has high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral levels, which are very much beneficial for our heart and helps avoiding different diseases.

  • Mini BIO
  • Without seeds BIO

Cantaloupe BIO

Rich in vitamin A, which helps us avoid the dryness in our skin and mucosae. It is also vitamin E rich, a powerful antioxidant that prevents cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. It is a very good diuretic that acts as a mild laxative, helping with the elimination of toxins and neutralizing the acidity.

  • Galia BIO
  • Piel de Sapo BIO

Citrus BIO

The citric acid inside lemons has a very strong antibacterial effect, it also serves as an antiviral and stimulates our immune system helping us to stay healthy. Benefits of drinking warm water with lemon when fasting. In order to take advantage of the benefits, simply squeeze half a lemon on a glass of purified warm water.

  • Lemon BIO
  • Lime BIO
  • Grapefruit BIO