Our Compromise

In Campojoyma, we believe on the importance of having a commitment with the environment, sustainability, human rights and with society.
That is why all of our decisions and courses of action have as a main objective to make living in community worthier and more respectful, establishing support policies in order to help those in need.

Campojoyma has a solid social commitment that pursues the following objectives:
    Promote a tolerant culture.

    Reinforce the acknowledgment of differences.
    Favor a sphere of international solidarity.

    Be part of the birth of global citizens.

Social responsibility

Some of the initiatives that we have carried out in order to fulfill this commitment are:

  • Sponshorship to the “Bahía De Almería” Handball Club

    The players of the male national category of the “CB Bahía de Almería” show off their gear with the image of CAMPOJOYMA. A way of joining sport and health.

  • Sponsorship to the Junior Female Handball Club “Playa Carboneras”

    1st edition in which we collaborate with the Playa de Carboneras club. Our image can be seen in their gear.

  • Sponsorship to the “Costa De Almería” Rally

    Sponsorship on the car of J. García and R. Guerrero, a Renault Clio Sport that will participate in the 44th rally Costa de Almería.

  • 5Th San Isidro School Race (2018)

    Since their 1st edition, Campojoyma takes part in sponsoring this race that takes place in the CEIP Concordia of Campohermoso (Almería). A day in which physical activity, coexistence and solidarity is promoted.

  • Donation in Gambia

    Agricultural project carried out throughout 2018, a project that helped more than 20 gambian families to cultivate their own vegetable garden.

Environmental commitment

Since the first day we have bet on a model of agriculture that is respectful with the Earth and its resources, basing on traditional systems and developing a way of exploitation that is the less invasive and as sustainable as possible.
According to these principles and trying to give back some of what the Earth gives, we have carried out a series of environmental projects:

Biodynamic compost plant

According to our bet on a biodynamic agriculture, we try to provide the soil with high quality organic matter, which is easily assimilable, mineral rich and has essential trace elements that help restore the plant’s reserve at the end of each harvest.

What better way to do this than composting by ourselves, recycling and reusing the remaining vegetables of each harvest, hence returning some of what we take from Earth back. We improve the compost with biodynamic solutions that provide it with a bonus of vigor and fertility, making these minerals and trace elements more accessible to the plant.

Biodiversity reserves

Another of our big dreams is making our farms small reserves of fauna and flora. Enhancing the surroundings of our crops and making them a source of life.

This is how with our way of harvesting we are trying to favor the development of the biggest variety of living things possible. Furthermore, we provide whatever is necessary for the correct rest, feeding and reproduction amongst others, of numerous animal species; we respect the native vegetation zones that act as a source of vegetal diversity, trying to mirror our cropping spaces to a genuine, sustainable and stable ecosystem.

To be able to implement this project, we are also working on the reconditioning of the irrigation reservoirs, facilitating the entrance and exit of animals so that they can stay hydrated and providing semiaquatic species with a zone where they can shelter, rest or even nest on.

Lastly, and focusing on the vegetal diversity, we are developing a forest plant garden where we can reproduce these species for their latter sowing and use as hedges.