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Welcome to Campojoyma,

I want to start by confessing that our company was born from a dream I had in 2004: to contribute to environmental sustainability through the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables in the most natural way possible. Today I feel proud because the initial idea has become a reality, turning our vegetable, fruit and citrus farms into authentic ecosystems of life, flora and fauna. A good work that has led us to the leadership in the production of organic vegetables in Spain.

This beautiful journey has its roadmap in innovation, sustainability and social commitment, and along the way I have surrounded myself with a young and motivated team, wonderful people, committed and full of talent, who row unconditionally by my side.

My grandfather Pepe was one of the first farmers in Níjar, my grandmother Carmen has always been an example for me and I am lucky to have a family that accompanies me unconditionally on this journey. Together we are creating a legacy of wealth, employment and sustainability for our environment, which I hope my children will continue.

Because although a company’s mission is to generate economic growth, our purpose is clearly environmental and, I confess, what really makes me happy is our social commitment.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Francisco Jesús Montoya Sánchez


Since our origins, we have been committed to a model of agriculture that respects the Earth and its resources, based on traditional agricultural systems and developing the least invasive and most sustainable farming methods possible.
Based on these principles and trying to give back to the Earth part of what it gives us, we carry out a series of environmental projects:


Another of our great dreams is to turn our farms into small reserves of fauna and flora. To enrich the environment of our crops and turn them into a hotbed of life.

In this way, we try to favor with our way of cultivating, the development of the greatest possible variety of living beings. We also provide the necessary means for the rest, feeding, reproduction… of numerous animal species; we respect areas of native vegetation that act as hedges and increase plant diversity, trying to resemble our crops to a real sustainable and stable ecosystem.

In order to complement this project, we also work on the conditioning of irrigation reservoirs, facilitating the entry and exit of animals for hydration and providing them with areas of refuge, rest or nesting for semi-aquatic species.


In accordance with our commitment to biodynamic agriculture, we try to provide the soil with high quality and easily assimilated organic matter, rich in minerals and essential trace elements to restore its reserves after each harvest.

What better way than by composting ourselves, recycling and reusing the plant remains left over from each crop, giving back to the Earth in each area what we take from it. Enriching the compost with biodynamic preparations also gives a plus of vigor and fertility to the compost, making those minerals and trace elements more accessible to the plants.


Our partners

We work with a wide range of products that we cultivate under the guidelines of traditional organic agriculture. The production of these products is carefully distributed in different areas to make the most of the weather conditions and obtain the highest quality.

Today Campojoyma has 330 hectares of production, 210 of them are our own production and the rest of the organic production is from those who work with our company since our beginnings.


In Campojoyma, pioneer company in organic agriculture, we guarantee quality and food safety of the product, from the field to the table. Our Technical Department is responsible for technical advice to farmers and farm managers, to ensure proper compliance with the standards established by the European Union. Our Quality Department is in charge of guaranteeing the safety of all our products, certifying each one of the processes that are carried out during the manufacturing process, until they reach the final consumer.


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